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Smashing Bet365 & Paddy Power for THOUSANDS (2UP)

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You can choose either approach based on your time available! If it helps, the approach I take is to always back and lay teams when I receive the OddsMonkey alert.

Then when the games are being played:. If you are an existing customer, you pay 1. As you can see, 8 of the 10 closest odds are with Matchbook:. The reason higher odds is better, is because once your team goes 2 goals up, their exchange odds will still be reasonably high 1.

This is because your team are the underdog in the game and so the favourite still has a reasonable chance to score 2 goals to get it back to a draw. Please note these odds once 2 goals up are just approximate odds. The actual odds will depend a lot how early your team goes 2 goals up.

For example, if your team goes 2 goals up in the 20th minute, the odds will be reasonable 1. Also for reference, the exchange odds to look for when cashing out are the back odds , this is because to cash out the lay bet the exchange places an opposite back bet. I hope you have found this 2Up guide helpful and if you have any questions please do see below for how to reach out thanks!

Facebook Group – ask over 20, fellow matched bettors including the Team! See the chat module at the bottom right of site. Bet and Paddy Power 2Up Offer. If your team goes 2 goals up, you can either: Join Team Profit Facebook Group.

Minimum stake: None Maximum stake: Am I Eligible? Step 1 Choosing The Teams. There are 3 key criteria to choosing the teams: Eligible league or cup see key terms above. Avoid low odds aim for 1. Choosing Teams Tip: Below is a video review of how to use this awesome filter: Step 2 Placing The Bets.

If your team has gone 2 goals up, brilliant! Once your team has gone 2 goals up, you have won the bookmaker bet! You place: Which Option Should You Use? Then when the games are being played: You may be familiar with using Betfair and Smarkets as your two exchanges.

In the season, Watford away to Everton were at pre-match odds of 2. By half-time, Watford had gone up. It is important to meet the qualifying criteria before placing your matched bets for 2up.

These are the key terms for each 2up offer with different bookmakers:. The key points are as follows:. Do not lay your Paddy Power 2up bets at Betfair exchange. This will help to avoid a Paddy Power gubbing.

Betfred 2clearnandcollect odds are often worse than online bookies. Bet — Wigan 4. Bournemouth, Liverpool 2. Betfred 2clearandcollect — various matches involving Livingston 1. If qualifying losses are minimised, the profit potential is huge. Your email address will not be published.

Leave this field empty. Skip to content Menu Close matchedbettingzest. This promotion offers the potential for massive profits using simple matched betting techniques. Lazio is also ok at 1. Dutching 2up As an alternative to backing and laying, backing all three possible outcomes at different bookmakers could be a great strategy.

Back, lay and hope A popular strategy is to matched bet on a team and wait to see if 2up triggers. Imagine an England vs. Germany football match. Back England at the bookmaker. Lay England at the exchange.

England go up and the bookie settles your bet as a winner a few minutes later. Then, Germany score 2 goals and the match ends as a draw. In this match, the bookie pays out when England go ahead, but your exchange bet also wins.

Back, lay and wait to trade out Other matched bettors prefer to take an active role in their 2up bets. Back and lay as normal. If your team goes up, the bookie pays out early. If the opposition team then scores to make it , you can use Betfair Cash Out or Smarkets Trade Out feature to lock-in profit by cashing out a percentage of your back bet value.

In this particular match Everton won Key points for 2up It is important to meet the qualifying criteria before placing your matched bets for 2up. These are the key terms for each 2up offer with different bookmakers: The offer does not apply if you cash out your bet at Bet

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