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10 Ancient Greek Myths That Turned Out To Be True

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The Graces:: The Muses:: Argus Panoptes:: Ash Tree Nymphs:: Ceryneian Hind:: Cretan Bull:: Erymanthian Boar:: Teumessian fox. Golden Fleece:: Necklace of Harmonia:: Shield of Achilles:: Shirt of Nessus. The Pleiades:: Calydonian Boar:: Crommyonian Sow:: Lernaean Hydra:: Mares of Diomedes:: Nemean Lion:: Stymphalian Birds.

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Bet bet is in our opinion one of the most prominent online betting companies. Overall Rating eSports selection. Bet Info Bookmaker: Athamas, a founder of Halos and king of Orchomenus, married the goddess of hospitality, Nephele. The […]. In Greek mythology, the Shirt of Nessus was a mythological element associated with the hero Heracles.

It was a poisoned shirt that was used to kill Heracles. The shirt originally belonged to the centaur named Nessus. Heracles, the son of Zeus and Alcmene, is often considered to be the greatest of the Greek heroes.

Known […]. Midas was a king who reigned in Macedonian Bromium in what is now modern day Turkey. The people he ruled over were called the Brigians or the Moschians.

He was the son of the goddess Ida and an unnamed satyr and loved pleasure and wealth. When he was a baby, ants would climb up the […]. Medea is the daughter of King Aeetes of Colchis.

She is a sorceress who marries the hero Jason. She is the title character of the play written by Euripides. Medea is an enchantress, and is sometimes seen as a priestess of the goddess Hecate. Medea saw Jason after he arrived from Iolcus to Colchis.

Looking […]. Sisyphus was the creator and first king of the city Ephyra later Corinth. He married the nymph Merope and had four children: Glaucus, Ornytion, Almus and Thersander. Sisyphus helped his city become a commercial hub.

He is also rumored to have created the Isthmian Games, a competition featuring athletic and musical feats. It was held […]. In ancient Greek mythology, Aeaea was an island that was home to the sorceress and goddess known as Circe.

Odysseus, […]. Sparta was a city-state in ancient Greece. Sparta was renowned for its military preeminence in the region. The entire city-state was organized to maximize its military capabilities. Given this reputation, Sparta led all of the combined Greek armies in the war against the Persians in the early s B.

Sparta was unique for its militaristic […]. Arcadia is a place that is both a real geographical location, as well as a mythological place from Ancient Greek Mythology.

The real Arcadia currently exists in the country of Greece, while the idea of the fictional, mythological Arcadia is coming from the time of history when Ancient Greek mythologies were born. It was and […]. An ancient port-city in central Greece, Aulis held a strategically significant position in the region of Boeotia.

Located directly opposite of the island of Euboea on the Euripus Strait, Aulis was never a fully independent polis, or city-state, but instead was under the sovereignty of the cities of Thebes and Tanagra.

In Greek mythology, Aulis […]. Calydon was ancient city located in Greece roughly seven miles west of the Evenus river and east of modern Mesolóngion. It is famous for hosting the Calydonian Boar, a beast from Greek mythology sent by Artemis to capture the land of Calydon because the king failed to honor the gods.

The Calydonian Boar was quickly […]. In ancient times, Colchis was a city in what is now the country of Georgia. It is located on the western side of the country.

The city is also on the eastern border of the Black Sea. Colchis contained the fertile valleys along the Phasis River. Because of its fertile soils and mild climate that […]. In ancient Greece, Corinth was a large city-state. It was located on a long stretch of land called an isthmus.

The name of the isthmus that Corinth belonged to was also Corinth. Geographically, Corinth was located between Sparta and Athens, which were two important city-states in ancient Greece.

They were also rival towns of Corinth. Crete is the biggest island of Greece and the whole Mediterranean world.

With a rich history of over years total, it is one of the most important places of Ancient Greece. Crete was already inhabited by 7, BCE, but for the first few thousands of years, Cretans were most likely early farmers, forming villages […]. An advanced settlement and independent city-state, Delphi was the primary and most distinguished sacred site in Ancient Greece.

Located in central Greece, Delphi was built atop of Mount Parnassos. Delphi had […]. Iolcus is an ancient Grecian city that was located in Magnesia. In modern times, the place is a village that used to be a municipality.

The overall land area of the place is 1, kilometers squared. In modern times, the municipality has been divided […]. Ithaca, also written as Ithaka, is a name for one of the Greek islands that belonged to the Ionian Sea. Ithaca Island is the second smallest island after Paxi. In ancient Greece Lerna stood in the northern part of the Greek Peloponnese, just a short distance south of Argos.

This region of mountains and rocky cliff faces included some difficult to traverse terrain. The online encyclopedia Wikipedia reports in that era a large portion of the land outside Lerna fell within a region of […].

Lycia is a city in the present-day southwestern part of Turkey. At the time that it was founded, the area where Lycia is located was called Anatolia. Mount Olympus was the home and meeting place of all the gods and is an actual place in Greece.

A visit to Mount Olympus will give a magnificent view since it is the tallest mountain in Greece. Mount Olympus in Greek mythology is a much different place than the one visited today. The actual Mount […]. Nemea lies in a valley in the far northeastern region of the Greek Peloponnese, near Argolis.

This location held great importance for people in the ancient world. They believed a number of significant events had occurred here.

The Nemean Lion Legends in Greek mythology described a ferocious lion which resided in the vicinity of the […]. Tauris is located in modern Crimea.

While the Greeks had a colony there, the native people of the peninsula were rumored to be brutal savages. We hear about them most in the play Iphigenia in Tauris. During the play, Iphigenia, the daughter of a leader of the Trojan war named Agamemnon, was going to be […]. The Underworld was a place hidden deep underground where the souls of the dead went for eternity.

It was ruled by Hades, the Greek god of the dead. Hades was said to be a greedy god, and his sole purpose was to collect souls for his kingdom and prevent them from ever leaving.

The Underworld […]. Located in the Boeotia region of central Greece, Thebes is a city steeped in the ancient Greek myths and its gods. The city, located 31 miles north of Athens, is situated on a plain bordered by the Cithaeron Mountains and Lake Yliki and is still populated today.

Thebes has been central to the myths of […]. Troy is an ancient Greek city that was located in a region known as Asia Minor at the time of existence.

Now, if Troy still existed, it would be located in Turkey south of the Dardanelles Strait. Troy was founded in BC and abandoned in AD. Troy was the battleground in which the […]. According to Greek mythology, Theseus was the son of Aethra, yet his father was unknown.

King Aegeus assumed the child was his own, and in the months preceding the birth of Theseus, he gave instructions to Aethra […]. In Greek Mythology, Apollo was the God of Light, and it was his job to pull the sun across the sky in his 4-horse chariot every day.

He has also been referred to as the God of music, poetry, art, medicine, knowledge, plague and archery.

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