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Yet a darker side of the 20th century cannot be ignored. For all the progress, the 20th century was the most violent of human history. Over million people were killed in two world wars. Many smaller wars claimed hundreds of thousands of lives.

An estimated million civilians were murdered by their own governments. Places like Afghanistan, Rwanda, Kuwait, Bosnia, Kosovo, Yugoslavia, Chechnya, along with others, experienced unimaginable violence and bloodshed. It was in the 20th century that words like holocaust, genocide, abortion, terrorism, and mass suicide became well-known.

In the later portion of the 20th century, America witnessed a dramatic increase in violence. From to, violent crime increased by percent. In , the Department of Justice estimated that eight out of ten people will be victims of violent crimes at least once in their lives.

Even more alarming violent crimes committed by children ages 10 to 17 increased percent. The nature of violent crime also took some frightening turns. Gangs, serial killers, city riots and drive-by shootings continued, but large scale terrorist activities — most notably the bombings of the World Trade Center and the Oklahoma City federal office building — became ominous examples of what many believe to be a future pattern of violence.

The nation was also shocked by extreme violence in schools from upper-middle class districts like the Columbine High School. Some fear terrorism too, is the wave of the future — the targeting of American fortresses by crazed militia groups or by international madmen seeking redress with powerful bombs.

Crime experts worry that someday we might see the frightening brand of overseas terrorism that has so far eluded us: With this history of violence, one of our most alarming concerns should be the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

The potential of a nuclear holocaust looms largely over the human race. It is simply unrealistic to think that humans will not use such power for evil. Violence in our own nation must include reference to the torture and killing of more than 50 million unborn babies in the last 37 years of the twentieth century.

This is a horrible violence that grieves and angers the heart of God and should outrage us. What a wonderful world.. Cameroon qualified for the World Cup by surpassing Nigeria and beating Tunisia in the final round playoff. Cameroon later defeated Romania 2—1 and lost to the Soviet Union 0—4, becoming the first side to top a World Cup Finals group with a negative goal difference.

In the second round Cameroon defeated Colombia 2—1 with the 38 year old Roger Milla scoring two goals in the extra time. In the quarter finals Cameroon faced England. England however equalized in the 83rd minute with a penalty from Gary Lineker.

Lineker made it 3—2 for England with a penalty in the th minute. Nearly 40 percent of Europeans suffer mental illness Sun, Sep 4 By Kate Kelland LONDON Reuters — Europeans are plagued by mental and neurological illnesses, with almost million people or 38 percent of the population suffering each year from a brain disorder such as depression, anxiety, insomnia or dementia, according to a large new study.

With only about a third of cases receiving the therapy or medication needed, mental illnesses cause a huge economic and social burden — measured in the hundreds of billions of euros — as sufferers become too unwell to work and personal relationships break down.

At the same time, some big drug companies are backing away from investment in research on how the brain works and affects behavior, putting the onus on governments and health charities to stump up funding for neuroscience.

A direct comparison of the prevalence of mental illnesses in other parts of the world was not available because different studies adopt varying parameters.

Mental illnesses are a major cause of death, disability, and economic burden worldwide and the World Health Organization predicts that by , depression will be the second leading contributor to the global burden of disease across all ages. The last major European study of brain disorders, which was published in and covered a smaller population of about million people, found 27 percent of the EU adult population was suffering from mental illnesses.

The researchers said it was crucial for health policy makers to recognize the enormous burden and devise ways to identify potential patients early — possibly through screening — and make treating them quickly a high priority.

Evid Based Mental Health ;8: Prevalence, comorbidity and correlates of mental disorders in the general population: Ποιοι θα λάβουν το κοινωνικό μέρισμα. Όλες οι θέσεις ανά δήμο για Όλες οι θέσεις ανά δήμο για τις Η αίτηση για το επίδομα των 1. Κοινωνικό Μέρισμα: Είναι επίσημο. Πότε ξεκινούν οι αιτήσεις για Όροι Χρήσης Πολιτική Απορρήτου.

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