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We have spent time looking for the available solutions and now we summarize them for you in this article. You should first check whether your computer is still working. To do this job, you can go to check if the machine is making any noise.

It is a clear sign of whether the processor is still at work. Of course, there is the other sigh: When these two signs show that the processor is still at work, do not tinker with that process in progress.

We have mentioned above: Wait and see. If your computer has fallen into silent and stuck on the seemingly infinite loop: Just a moment , you can consider doing these things:. After that, reconnect the USB devices to your PC and then check whether the computer can run normally.

If yes, you can re-establish the internet connectivity to see whether the update or installation process can run successfully. When your computer is having performance and other issues, the most effective way to get rid of the issues is to perform a clean installation.

This way will remove everything from the hard drive on your machine and start from scratch. Thus, when you are bothered by Windows 10 stuck on Just a moment issue, you can clean install Windows 10 to have a try.

In the following guide, we will walk through the steps to clean install Windows 10 including these three parts:. The clean installation process will delete everything from your computer hard drive.

Here, you can use the professional data recovery software: MiniTool Power Data Recovery. This software is specially designed to recover data from various types of data storage devices, including computer hard drives, USB flash drives, memory cards, SD cards, and more.

These data can be both deleted and existing items. You need to get one of these editions from the MiniTool official store according to your actual situation. If you are a personal user, the Personal Deluxe Edition can fully meet your need.

Get a normal working computer to obtain this software and then refer to the following guide to build a bootable medium and start the unbootable machine from it:.

Choose the target partition you need to restore data from and click on the Scan button to start the scanning process. When the scanning process ends, you can see the scan results which are classified by path. You can open each path to find the files you want to restore.

Usually, there are numerous files on your computer hard drive and it is usually difficult to find out the needed ones quickly. In this situation, you can try the Type and Find features of this software to locate your needed files easily.

Additionally, with the Bootable Edition, you can preview the image files and text files which are no larger than 20MB. That is to say, when you are not sure whether it is the image or text file you need to restore, you can use the Preview feature to identify.

Connect an external drive which has enough space to store your needed files to your computer and then check the files you want to restore. After that, press the Save button to choose the inserted external drive to keep the selected items.

Now, your needed data is saved to a safe place. Next, you need to create a USB bootable medium. Go to the next part the get the steps. Click to tweet. Go to the Windows 10 download page on the web browser. Press the Accept button to agree to the Applicable notices and license terms.

In the following interface, you can select language, architecture, and edition you want to use. Select the USB flash drive option and click the Next button to continue. When you see the Your USB flash drive is ready interface, press the Finish button to end the process.

Now just a moment , my dear sir. Excuse me, Mrs. Lindus, just a moment. Sir, he’ll be with you in just a moment. We’ll be announcing the winners in just a moment , but, first, let’s honor our distinguished nominees. Well, we’ll be right back in just a moment.

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