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Μάθε τον ΟΠΑΠ – Πώς διαμορφώνονται οι αποδόσεις στο Πάμε Στοίχημα;

35″ 3. 70 1. : 44 207 opap pame stoixima retail 4174 Email : opap pame stoixima retail. bet365. gr MobileTablet Sporting Odds Limited 2005 UKGC 3rd Floor, One Opap pame stoixima retail Change, London, Opap pame stoixima retail 9AF, United Kingdom.

Στη σελίδα μπορείτε επίσης να βρείτε τα ακόλουθα: ScoresPro, η καλύτερη σελίδα για τους αγώνες του Πάμε Στοίχημα! We use cookies to improve your experience on this website. By continuing to browse our site you agree to our use of cookies. Όλοι οι Αγώνες. Οι αγώνες μου. Σε εξέλιξη. Soccer Leagues 3.

Bundesliga 3. Lig 2. Σε εξέλιξη 0. Οι αγώνες μου 0. OPAP actively supports Greek sports and has played an important role in the development of the running movement by being a Grand Sponsor of the Athens Marathon as of Watch here a short video from the race.

What it took for a click! Aiming to communicate to a wider audience the value of the team and fair play, the great idea to do a photoshoot with the actual children that participated in the Patras Festival came along.

We all loved the idea instantly and we were determined to live up to the challenge of seeing it turning into reality. The photoshoot had to take place right before the beginning of the Festival, while having to coordinate more than children, aged years old within just an hour!

After several long meetings, the whole process was planned down to every detail and on the day of the Festival, everything worked like clockwork. The children enjoyed it as much as we did and we are very happy with the result, as we have a very nice image to communicate the Festivals and the children also have a wonderful souvenir of their experience!

Animators, colorfully dressed, juggled, offered animal shaped balloons, face-painted the children and shared with them a fun experience. These children come from very poor families and the non-profit organisation of Kivotos is continuously trying to improve their living conditions. We are all proud to be involved in activations that provide direct support to society, focusing on needs of sensitive social groups.

Please tell us about yourself! What is your previous professional background? I joined OPAP 4 months ago. My former 20 years professional experience was in the banking and telecoms sector. I was responsible in the field of sales and, in particular, the sales networks in all forms franchise, independent partners, organised trade, and small retail.

What do you do for a hobby? I like running long distances and I have already participated in 5 Marathons. I think that running long distances, apart from improving my physical condition, it helps me balance my impulsive nature.

It teaches me self-discipline, patience, and commitment to my goal. What fun means to you? Fun is an integral part of my everyday life, both personal and professional.

I believe that it works as a decompression valve during difficult and demanding circumstances, but also as motivation for improving productivity. I am particularly glad that fun is part of the core values of this organisation. What is your personal brand life statement?

My personal interpretation of this quote is that we can finally achieve much more than we initially believed we could – even if in the beginning things seem to be challenging or even impossible – by taking specific steps, with dedication to the goal and with passion for the achievement.

What excites you the most about your day at OPAP? The contact with a dynamic team of colleagues that manages to keep the fun and energy alive, despite the high demands of the everyday business life.

Do you believe in luck? I clearly believe and consider luck is a necessary component of success. I will use a quote that describes the best my belief: My favorite game is the 12 months Luck, because it combines in a clever way the concept of luck and profit with a repetitive prize.

What do you like the most about your role at OPAP? What excites me the most, is that we are in a phase of considerable development both for the network of sales as well as that of the products. That gives me the opportunity to face different challenges, helping me to evolve professionally and personally at the same time.

Which are the main pillars of the Indirect Retail Channel strategy? The main pillars of the Indirect Retail Channel strategy are: How you plan to increase indirect channel sales performance?

The demanding conditions prevailing in the market over the last years, regardless the objective difficulties also create opportunities for development.

We have already set out and at the moment execute a development plan of partners based on incentives provided to our distributor, the attraction of the points of sale and the reinforcement of impulse buying of our products. Key Account Managers Team.

Babis Papatheodorou Head of Wholesale Network. Babis comes from the telecoms sector and has a vast experience in the development of sales network. Who are the people within the Indirect Sales Channels Team?

The team consists of 12 people with common characteristics the passion for the achievement of goals and the team spirit, components necessary for every successful sales team. Top from the left: They have taken up the everyday, demanding task of the visits and contacts with our endpoints of sale kiosks, mini markets, convenient stores etc.

Athina has undertaken the demanding task of both supporting me personally and coordinating and supporting the team as a whole, as far as the internal and external procedural obligations are concerned.

Welcome on board! May your professional experience at OPAP be unforgettable and full of fun and dynamic moments! Warm welcome to: Zisis Konstantinos 2.

Katsas Christos 3. Hliadi Anna 4. Tsionis Dimitris 5. Zorzos Ioannis 6. Malavazos Konstantinos 7. Safouris Nikolaos 8.

We also played against Regency Casino and we were excluded in the penalty shootout. Stay tuned for our next games! The relaunched family is promoted with extensive communication and promotional material.

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