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These partnerships include hardware, software and services solutions with proven track record in mature markets, as well as innovative approaches, which allow us to efficiently control our technology assets and influence their future progress roadmap towards achieving our Vision.

To deliver our products and services, besides our own operations, we utilize resources from our suppliers materials, equipment, services and know-how , which are used to organize, operate and conduct our games of chance. All our products and services are available through.

Corporate Governance 2. Risk Management 3. The Compliance Officer is responsible to examine the incident and obtain further information, in order to confirm the violation, with all information related to the complaint being treated as confidential.

In any case, the Code protects the confidentiality of anyone who raises concerns and considers every attempt to prohibit or deter them from raising such concerns as a serious disciplinary offence. Within , there was one complaint raised through the whistle blowing mechanism related to a player who accused an agent not properly paying out his respective winnings.

As a result, we immediately launched an investigation confirming the player had received the correct amount of winnings based on his slip.

A response was sent to the player and the case has been closed. In cases where employees cannot speak to their immediate manager, they can report their concern anonymously, through the established whistle blowing mechanism, by any of the following means:.

Our Code of Conduct firmly dismisses any payment, commission or donation to any political party or elected officer and strictly prohibits offering financial or other advantage to any candidate for, or holder of, a public position or a political party.

It must be noted that in , no donations were made to politicians and political parties. We are convinced it is imperative to develop our business, while being mindful of social consequences, since a responsible approach is the only way to ensure consistent value creation for both internal and external stakeholders in the long term.

Therefore, it is vital for us to enhance our corporate reputation, build relationships of trust with different stakeholders and at the same time, make a positive difference in the communities where we operate.

Code of Conduct: Our Code of Conduct outlines the main principles and behavioural rules, as well as provides guidance to all members i. The Code has been communicated to all employees, who have signed for its acknowledgement and acceptance of its guiding principles and provisions on the following issues:.

The fees and any other compensation paid to the Non-Executive Members are defined according to Codified Law no. The criteria that are taken into account are their professional experience and expertise and are further defined by the Remuneration and Nomination Committee while, at the moment, there is no separate consideration of gender diversity during their selection.

The company measures year-on-year prog-. We describe Corporate Governance as the way in which OPAP is governed and controlled and we have adopted the Hellenic Corporate Governance Code, issued by the Hellenic Council of Corporate Governance ESED , in order to facilitate a common understanding on behalf of our employees and generate added value for all our stakeholders.

Corporate Governance: Internal Rules and Regulations: Our Internal Rules and Regulations, which are available through our Investor Relations website, are prepared in compliance with Law no. Middle East and North Africa. Damian almost effecthas from July From to he servedFrom as Senior Cyprus.

Sinceof the Bank of Greece. She is asince SenioritsHuman Resources privatisation. He started Operating Officer — Gaming Halls.

Heitsstarted executive with experience both in executive with extensive international experience both in his career in Sales by holding executive rolesby holding executive his career in Sales rolesextensive international HR line and consulting holding previously management HR line and consulting holding previously management at WIND Hellas for 17 years, whereHellas he quickly at WIND for 17 years, where he quickly positions at PwC, Randstad, Schindler and Societe positions at PwC, Randstad, Schindler and Societe became a member of thebecame management team.

Our Board of Directors is supported by a number of Committees, such as: Audit Committee: Consists of three Independent Non-Executive Members and assists the BoD to fulfill its oversight responsibilities for: Remuneration and Nomination Committee: The primary objective of the Remuneration and Nomination Committee is to assist the Board of Directors in carrying out its duties in the following.

Non-Executive Members: Non-Executive BoD Members do not perform executive or managerial duties, but they contribute and help the BoD with their following indicative competences:. Within the context of IMS, we operate the following systems:.

This Committee has, in particular,. If deemed necessary, BoD conducts additional meetings including by telephone, video-teleconference or written resolution to address specific matters. Management Systems Committees: Oversees all activities related to our management systems and: The Committies consist of the following members, with possible participation of other representatives to support the Management Systems Department:.

Pavel Saroch replaced Mr. Konstantin Yanakov, after his resignation. The primary objective of the Remuneration and Nomination Committee is to assist the Board of Directors in carrying out its duties in the following areas: Remuneration regime: Established criteria include quantitative benchmarking based on the overall company performance, taking into account key profitability metrics.

It is worth mentioning that bonuses and other variable remuneration arrangements is common practice for companies listed in the FTSE index. Long-term incentive scheme: The Board of Directors of the Company, following a recommendation of the Remuneration and Nomination.

Remuneration Committee and Procedure: The Remuneration Committee is chaired by Pavel Saroch, and comprised by three members. Their recommendations and reports were submitted to the Board for approval.

Pavel Saroch, Chairman of the Remuneration Committee. Our management team is multinational and adaptable and thus the main principles of our philosophy regarding remuneration are the following:. The level and components of remuneration across OPAP is designed to facilitate global mobility and diversity.

Risk Management: We follow a comprehensive annual enterprise wide and systematic approach to identify, measure and prioritize key risks that may affect the achievement of strategic objectives. The risk registry incorporates elements of the Internal Controls – Integrated framework COSO model and includes risk categories such as: Impact on profitable operations, due to changes in betting activities, compliance costs and taxes or advertising, as well as further regulatory enforcement.

Operations in Greece and Cyprus All agreements with suppliers are in euro All revenues from games are in euro Transactions and costs are denominated or based in euro Vast majority of cost base is either proportional to our revenues i.

IT, marketing. Breaches in security e. Republic of Cyprus. Exposure to interest rates related to outstanding debt Capital may lose value, due to weak credit ability and capital ratios.

Following the results from 15 internal audits conducted within , all findings were taken into consideration and the appropriate teams decided upon the design and imple-. System of Internal Controls: We have established a System of Internal Controls based on best international practices, designed to provide reasonable assurance that the objectives will be met in the following categories:.

Additionally, 24 online gaming operators, who are not licensed in Greece but hold gaming licenses from other EU Member States, are allowed to provide services in Greece pursuant to Law no. The Law also provides for a licensing procedure, which has not been implemented until now.

As a result, no online gaming licenses have been issued according to Law no. It must be noted that within , there were no written notices regarding compliance issues by respective regulatory authority the Hellenic Gaming Commission.

In , OPAP has not been served with any antitrust complaint or other legal action regarding anti-competitive behavior or monopoly practices, neither is OPAP aware of any fines or non-monetary sanctions being imposed upon OPAP on such grounds either.

Regarding relevant open legal cases: We recognize our responsibility to follow fair competition practices and do not engage in any activities not complied with competition law. Indicatively, within this context we:. Corporate Responsibility at OPAP is allocated at seven main areas, as derived through an internal analysis and dialogue with our stakeholders, which compose our Corporate Re-.

OPAP adopts a holistic approach to Corporate Responsibility, where the accountability for responsible operation lies within each department and each employee, without being solely the responsibility of a specific department. Nevertheless, managing responsible operation issues overall, requires creation of appropriate organizational structures.

The second phase is the Materiality Analysis phase, where we further analyse aspects in terms of associated Risk relevant to eco-. The fourth phase is the Prioritization phase, during which the outcomes of the above phases are combined in terms both of Risk and Expectations identified, defining the main aspects we should focus on in order to add value to our Stakeholders.

The first phase is the Sustainability Context phase, where we identify potential aspects by reviewing future trends and current global industry practices, not only locally but globally.

While identifying our material issues we ensure that broader global issues are taken into consideration, being conscious of the fact that our size and operations affect our business environment.

To identify these issues in each one of the areas of Corporate Responsibility, we recognize the Material Aspects, as a result of implementing a structured fourphase process:. It is of paramount importance for OPAP to conduct a systematic and regular dialogue with them, in order to respond to the needs and expec-.

Regulatory Bodies e. Internal Operation: This dialogue is conducted throughout the year, without distinct activities taking place as part of the Report preparation process: The below table describes our stakeholders groups, the methods we systematically apply to establish an open dialogue with them, the topics which have been raised by them, as.

Industry Associations e. Organizations e. We aim to continuously present our activities and operations with qualitative and quantitative objectives and data general indicators, as well as GRI indicators within the Report.

These objectives and indicators are. Update the approved Internal Rules and Regulations with organizational changes occurred after their approval. Responsible Gaming 2. Customer Satisfaction. We aim to provide entertainment and fun through our games of chance, exclusively to adults, while protecting players and society in general from compulsive gaming.

The Decision sets the general main principles of the gaming commercial communication that among others includes the following: All sales promotion activities are being approved by the competent regulatory body three-member Committee of article.

Within this context, we have briefed all communication agencies we cooperate with on policies and practices on what they can communicate, in line with our Responsible Gaming principles.

Responsible Advertisement: Hellenic Lotteries S. We understand that responsible management of our business is imperative, due to the possible risks and consequences that might arise from excessive participation in games of chance.

Therefore, we seek to establish an environment, in which a fair, reliable and safe gaming experience is provided to those who choose to use the products and services offered by our company, for their own entertainment.

Within this context, we create and offer the best products and services to players, while adopting the highest standards of integrity and responsibility.

Furthermore, we have established a systematic process to combat illegal gaming, as we: Financial Police for emblematic cases, with 9 testimonies for 9 unique emblematic illegal spots during WLA Certification: Illegal Gaming Monitoring: Furthermore, we have launched the following additional policies: This fact constitutes the greatest recognition for our consistent planning and implementation of Responsible Gaming principles, along with a clear confirmation of our commitment to protect players and the society in general.

Furthermore, we collaborated with an external consulting company to assess our Responsible Gaming strategy and incorporate additional initiatives within , in order to acquire the Level 4 certification for OPAP S.

We have received Level 3 certification by the World Lottery Association, for applying Responsible Gaming principles in our operation as lottery organization. In order to disseminate Responsible Gaming practices to our agents, our contractual agreements include a number of clauses, which refer to their responsible operation see Section 5.

This confirms our commitment to set limits in playability, improving the believability to the implementation, as well as strongly engage our agents towards this direction.

Remote Gaming Channels online gaming: DIAS S. However, in case players request to decrease their deposit or playing limits, this can be done instantly.

We inform, educate and engage with our employees about Responsible Gaming, in order to ensure their compliance with the respective principles and rules as defined by our policies and practices.

All our employees have been informed about our Responsible Gaming strategy through internal awareness raising campaigns, addressing the basic rules of Responsible Gaming, as well as our respective achievements. Indicatively, within , we:. It must be noted that in , there were no cases of online breaches and no cases of lost usernames or passwords were reported.

In Store Communication: We comply with all labeling legal requirements to inform the general public, players and their relatives, as indicatively mentioned below: Player Self-Check: We have developed a self-assessment questionnaire, based on the Canadian Problem Gambling Index, in order to help players identify if they face an issue with excessive play.

An interactive version of the questionnaire is also available at https: Upon completing the questionnaire, the player can see the total score based on how correct answers are to the questions asked, which indicates the level of control during gaming.

Players who consider themselves addicted or in risk of becoming addicted with gaming also for their family members or friends , can contact the dedicated Help-line by KETHEA-ALFA, which was established in cooperation with OPAP in , at a cost of a single local rate unit, while support information and services are also available via email at a kethea-alfa.

The line is. We therefore place a proportionate importance on these processes in order to ensure that our draw processes are and are perceived as being indisputably credible and objective by all our customers. For our operations, our top priority is to tackle credibility issues even further, injecting our game mechanism transparency and Responsible Gaming philosophy into all touchpoints and agents.

Mobile Application: Within , there were 1, calls made to the help line, compared to 1, calls in Website Information: We have created a dedicated section on Responsible Gaming in our Corporate Responsibility website https: Similarly, Responsible Gaming messages and relevant information have been incorporated in all company websites, which also refer to our dedicated Responsible Gaming section.

Data security online and offline: Due to the criticality of our operations, we apply a wide set of controls. Within , all security operations were performed successfully against our performance indicators regarding Service Downtimes, Security Test-. Data privacy: The issue of personal data privacy is particularly important for serving the users of our products and services, as we carry out millions of transactions — payments each year.

For this reason, we:. The winning certificate serves as a tax document for the player. As a result of our practices regarding privacy issues or loss of personal data, in there were: Draw credibility in random number generators: We have systematically followed a number of key practices to ensure draw credibility in games that utilize random number generators:.

It must be noted that in , there were no legal actions on behalf of players regarding credibility of draws. Draw credibility in mechanical lottery machines: Regarding draw credibility in games that run through mechanical lottery machines, the following have been established:. As part of our efforts to systematically manage and engage with our customers, we have designed the following framework, which consists of comprehensive, tangible and easier to address areas.

Customer Understanding: Understanding our customers is the key to effectively respond to their needs and create opportunities for the future. Aiming to develop better customer insights: This led to key learnings to:.

In addition, there were over 34 million scanned tickets from users to find out whether their slip won. The scope of the system includes all activities design, development, administration, operation and management of gaming products and services , and allow us to remain committed towards achieving our 8 Strategic Priorities.

Continuous Improvement: We aim to continuously improve the quality of our customer insights, in order to retain our excellent customer experience. We therefore:. We strive to offer responsible and quality products and services, in order to cultivate a reciprocal, sincere and trustful relationship with our customers.

As a result, we:. Launch initiatives for all employees to participate in focus groups and research presentations and prompt them to a more customer-centric approach in their everyday work. Responsible Procurement 3. Environmental Impact. As one of the most successful companies in Greece, we are committed to create value for our stakeholders and continuously contribute to our society.

Our ability to support society and vulnerable groups routes directly from our financial success and indirectly from our players themselves, which make these activities feasible.

We believe that our role in society transcends our business activities and we have the responsibility to support social growth and prosperity, a principle we have followed throughout our 60 years of operations in Greece.

In parallel, to ensure that donations and sponsorships are responsibly utilized as per the requirement for which they were requested and approved: The program results are significant given that the 20 companies achieved tangible and evident results, such as: Through this program, we managed to achieve remarkable results for the Hospitals.

So far we have:: It is therefore particularly important to support SMEs and tackle the corresponding challenges they face, such as inadequate funding, introvert business practices and insufficient use of information technology and new technologies in general.

Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises SMEs are the true engine of economic growth being the backbone of Greek economy. SMEs play a primary role in economic prosperity, job creation and fostering entrepreneurial spirit and innovation, as they:.

Throughout implementation, we have accomplished solid results towards our effort to upgrade the athletic education standards, such as: As part of our overall societal support program in , we supported over 22 activities for Sensitive Social Groups and Community, such as: As part of our overall societal support program in , we supported over activities within the Sports Sector, such as:.

Through this innovative program, we:. We believe in communicating the importance of volunteer contribution and cultivating the spirit of volunteering within our employees, in order to utilize their important skills in.

As our engagement with our communities continues to grow, it is our responsibility to turn our employees into enthusiastic contributors of initiatives and programs supported by OPAP, responding to the need for the wider well-being.

In , we gathered blood units from 3 voluntary blood donations to support the needs of employees, their families, as well as society in general, with The results of our commitment are indicated by the fact that in there were:. Environmental policy Environmental compliance Periodical environmental impact assessment Measures and programs to mitigate environmental impact Environmental violations and fines.

Health and safety compliance Occupational health and safety in corporate policies Internal or external health and safety assessments Top Management commitment to improve work environment Health and safety violations and fines.

Starting in , we have adopted a systematic approach for our annual Supplier Evaluation Process, which includes:. In parallel, we also perform ad-hoc supplier evaluations in cases of specific business requirements e. At the same time, we aim to treat our suppliers fairly and adjust our payment terms and bank guarantees to market conditions, by taking into consideration the current financial situation in the Greek market, with an average actual payment time of 30 days in , as in Becoming more conscious of the environmental and social impact of products acquired, we utilize the registry information mainly regarding suppliers providing products and services with increased environmental and societal impact, such as cleaning and security services.

We aim to develop local markets through collaboration with local suppliers for our purchases and purchasing locally produced products and supplies, as a means to utilize our outreach and size to the wider benefit of the market we operate in.

In order to enhance national and local development, in we:. As a result of the practices we follow, in there were: Through the use of this system, we systematically identify and evaluate the environmental impact of our activities, structured around 5 steps: To achieve this objective, we identify the sources we can apply targeted initiatives to reduce our environmental footprint and quantify direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions sources from our operations, which primarily results from electricity consumption in our buildings and secondarily from fuel consumption for vehicle fleet and heating, as shown in the table:.

Sources of conversion factors: Not Reported. To drive improvement on our climate change impact, we continued to engage into actions and programs aiming to further improve our environmental performance within , mainly through the following initiatives:.

As a growing business, we are conscious of global environmental issues and work systematically towards minimizing our potential negative impact throughout our operations, by complying with current environmental legislation and relevant provisions, as well as conducting all necessary environmental impact assessments.

We believe that utilizing natural resources as efficiently as possible and reduce resulting waste is the responsible approach required to protect our valuable natural resources, with our impact on natural resources. Consequently, we: Our achievements related to environmental awareness and protection, as well as reduction of materials used during include: The increased environmental footprint for is the result of including our transportation impact i.

In absolute terms, CO2 emissions from fuel consumption for heating and electricity reduced by Continuous efforts are taken to reduce solid waste which inevitably emanates from operations, which include the following types of materials:. Water shortage in many regions and countries around the world is an issue which requires urgent action, as the demand for this precious resource has been intensified.

Being conscious of the increasing pressure to contribute towards alleviating water scarcity, our responsible approach has lead us to:. As we take this important environmental issue into consideration, all our offices and buildings are located. Being aware that ozone depleting substances have a detrimental effect on the ozone layer and damage our protection against excessive levels of solar radiation, we only used R and R in our air-conditioning systems, which correspond to zero Ozone Depleting Potential R equivalent and therefore, do not harm the ozone layer.

Air pollutants: Operating in a non-energy intensive industry, our impact related to other greenhouse gas emissions besides CO2, which is described above is limited. Our People Strategy focuses on attracting talents to the Group as well as further developing and engaging our People through continuous training and development, internal career opportunities, two-way communication and internal activations in a modern workplace environment with key benefits.

In addition to direct employment, we further leverage the creation of work positions all over. Our People are at the heart of everything we do, bringing value and contributing to the success of our long-term strategic objectives, which lead us towards our Vision.

Achieving our strategic objectives and maintaining our growth is closely related to creating an engaging work environment.

As a successfully growing company, we are proud to be one of the major employers in Greece with 1, employees and. We are committed to create a unique experience for all OPAP People, one that reflects our high performing culture and our values.

We focus on being a great place to work by placing our People at the centre of our strategy. Our commitment towards creating a positive work environment has led us to achieve: An important step to secure our future growth is to attract, inspire and retain high potential, talented professionals.

During , we interviewed over 1, candidates, informing then about our performance-oriented mindset and understanding their professional aspirations, during several initiatives and events.

Furthermore, through our OPAP Internship Program we collaborated with many educational institutions to offer undergraduate students the opportunity to learn and gain professional experience to via internship programs for up to 6 months in various teams and specialties e. In , we offered internship opportunities to 60 students, which helped those, who were offered positions within the Group develop valuable skills and advance their personal and professional development, development.

Finally, we conducted over 1, structured interviews throughout our intensive recruitment process and responded to all 14, applicants who sent us their Curricula Vitae. Moreover, in we issued 3 new policies Parking, International Assignees and Credit Cards offering additional benefits to our employees.

We offer to our People a range of benefits, which include a Medical and Life Insurance plan, which covers Within the framework of continuously improving our benefits, we cooperated with a leading insurance company to offer additional services to our People. Reflecting on this, we systematically work to ensure that all employees are able to achieve work-life balance and therefore:.

We believe that ensuring the health and safety of our People is of outmost importance, as it is a non-negotiable prerequisite for a successful operation.

We focus on following health and safety regulations which ensure suitable work conditions, through a number of systemically implemented practices, as we:. During , we supported over employees and family members and provided assistance related to personal matters and relationships, through:.

Be like Giannis! In , we conducted 15 internal communication activities regarding Corporate Responsibility issues and we have regularly informed all employees regarding the respective issues.

The main driver of our commitment towards our People is the desire to have engaged and motivated employees who can utilise their professional passion and sense of belonging within a fast-paced industry. As part of our commitment to constantly seek ways to develop our people and ensure a modern workplace, we launched the supportive OPAP Employee Assistance Program for all our People and family members in collaboration with a specialised and experienced provider.

Adhering to internationally recognised principles of human rights, we respect the right of employees to participate in employee unions and discuss topics of reciprocal interest through representatives, as well as. We follow, as a minimum, the relevant regulatory requirements regarding operational changes.

Through our policies, which have been internally communicated and practically implemented, we commit ourselves not to encourage or even tolerate any coercive or abusive labor in any of our premises, while are committed to employ individuals, only if they are above the legal work age limit as defined by the Greek legislation.

As a result of our commitments, in We have integrated fairness within our core values, as we believe it represents a fundamental requirement in establishing a positive work environment which facilitates a performance driven culture.

Consequently, we have developed a policy not to discriminate due to race, gender, marital status, political beliefs, religion, origin, sexual orientation, age and disabilities, regarding work issues, such as recruitment and selection, salaries, promotions and career development.

We conduct the majority of our training courses in-house, mainly in two training centers with and 40 seats located in our headquarters in Athens and our building in Thessaloniki respectively, which utilize state-of-the-art training and educational facilities.

Within , we implemented a broad range of training programs emphasizing on: Orientation Training: Induction Training: All newly hired employees, within the first month of their employment, participate in the Induction Program, which specifically addresses the following:.

Training needs are further exemplified and prioritized through meetings with Chiefs and Directors and are included in our Group wide Annual Training Plan. In order to ensure that advancement is based on performance and corporate objectives are disseminated into individual targets, we utilize a Performance Appraisal system based on: As a result, within all of our employees and managers were assessed and had an Individual Development Plan within the context of our Performance Appraisal system.

Internal Career Opportunities: Job Rotation: OPAP promotes job rotation for its People, in order to keep them motivated and facilitate the acquisition of additional knowledge and experience. However within , there were no cases of employees being allocated. Based on the outcome of our Performance Appraisal system, we invited employees to participate in modules linked to their Individual Development Plans, as part of our efforts to enhance their knowledge, skills and competencies.

Following our Training Policy, we collect and analyse all Individual Development Plans from the annual Performance Appraisal system and cluster the proposed training needs, developing an initial Annual Training Plan.

Job Descriptions: In order to increase individual and organisational effectiveness through clarity in roles and responsibilities, we accompany all job positions with suitable job descriptions. Leverage new technologies for human resources management, through new modules in our People Online platform.

Our distribution network is one of the largest exclusive commercial networks in Greece, as we offer our games and services through 4, dedicated and branded agencies throughout the country,while a further — 8, Points of Sale and street vendors are utilized to distribute SCRATCH tickets and passive lotteries.

We are also offering our products through POS in Cyprus. On the 11th of January , we commenced our fascinating expansion journey within Greece, with 4 PLAY Gaming Halls located in Attica, as part of our quest to implement one of the most demanding roll-out projects in the global retail market.

Recognizing that we operate in a highly challenging economic situation, we dedicate our efforts to the development of our sales network and the creation of more work positions. Therefore, we strive to properly inform our sales network about our games and the principles of Responsible Gaming, while we undertake every possible effort to train our agents and their employees and develop their skills through extensive trainings and regular communication.

Therefore, we utilized and materialized a number of channels and initiatives to maintain an on-going and effective commu-. More specifically within , there were actions regarding network development, which included:. Furthermore, we propose new locations for development to our agents and indicate investment opportunities to establish a new agency, uring which we:.

We provide various training programs to our agents through our sales training team, either at our premises or in broader areas of their agencies, depending on our training plan, in order to ensure their smooth operation.

It must be noted that, if deemed necessary, employees from agencies and Hellenic Lotteries sales channels can participate in the training programs, such as:. Horse Races, with 3 additional training rooms in our training venues.

Self-service gaming terminals for easier, faster and simpler pre-game and live betting in a wide range of sport events and Virtual Sports, as well as the ability to cash-out.

Debit and prepaid cards POS Available in over point of sale payment terminals, 3, agencies without any bank commission for the agents. Besides training programs, the platform also offers features such as:. Network support Conclude agreements for our network with: Agents can scan unsold LAIKO Lottery tickets and submit their number electronically, in order to avoid ending up and charged with many unsold tickets.

Over , visits to sales network including over 27, ad-hoc visits , compared to over 70, in It is therefore our intention to maintain and even strengthen our efforts in both Responsible Gaming and Social Support activities in the future.

Additionally, we have: This confirms our commitment to further educate the public around Responsible Gaming, including agencies, and especially the middle-older ages.

Our efforts towards improving even further the credibility of our games portfolio and consequently protecting our players, inevitably passes through our agents. Additionally, within , we:. As mandated by the Policy, the AML Compliance Officer, who is appointed by the Board of Directors and notified to the Hellenic Gaming Commission, is responsible to continuously assess the risks from existing and new players, as well as existing or new services, and submit recommendations to the Board of Directors, in order to effectively mitigate those risks.

The Board of Directors also receives and assesses a semi-annual Report with the audits conducted, the number of reports for Suspicious and Unusual Transactions submitted, the number and content of the respective trainings implemented, as well as measures taken to prevent money laundering and terrorism financing.

At the same time, they are obliged to require an ID card or an equivalent document, such as passport or residence permit, clearly showing the date of birth , in case of any doubt, in order to prohibit participation in games of chance to minors.

In case an agent is identified as being non-compliant with its obligations in the above areas, OPAP reserves the right to suspend its license and terminate their agreement. As a result, within As a result of the above mentioned practices, within we: Furthermore, we have introduced a digital platform www.

Additionally, we inform and notify our employees and agents in case there are changes in the regulatory framework and issue written instructions regarding handling of certain cases. We conduct regular audits of information through our systems and on-site visits to our departments and network, in order to ensure their compliance with the Policy and the requirements of the regulatory framework.

Complete our technology transformation project with installation of over 9, new Apollo terminals and over 12, Digital Signage players in the network. Develop new organizational structure of front liners to achieve better support and agents management.

The graphs in the following page present key consolidated financial figures for the last five years, while additional financial information can be found in our Annual Financial Statements in section D-3 at the end of this Report.

In particular: We seek to align our continuous support to society with healthy and sustainable financial results, in order to facilitate a long-term sustainable business. Our solid Q4 performance also provides strong evidence towards an expectation of a return to meaningful revenue growth in and beyond.

During , we also increased our commitment to society both within the area of Responsible Gaming and via our award-winning, societal support program. As part of being transparent in our financial reporting process, we disclose significant transactions within OPAP Group of Companies and the related parties as defined by IAS The expenses and income undertaken in , as well as the balances of payables and receivables at Finally I would like to thank every member of the OPAP team, our partners, supporters and suppliers, for their hard work and support in the successful delivery of our results.

Looking ahead to , and while we will continue with our important technology and product roll-outs, notably VLTs and SSBTs, we will also be launching our new sportsbetting platforms — both OTC and online. Along with our customers, we are looking forward to the highlight of the football calendar, the World Cup in Russia.

Despite the macroeconomic challenges in Greece that continue to affect the disposable income, our focus remains on expanding our customer base, investing in our network and consistently offering an entertaining gaming experience.

The successful bond issuance is a milestone for the domestic financial market, as it proved by far larger compared to any previous corporate issuances. Moreover, it. The bond issuance turned to be of a great success, as there was 2.

Our stock price and respective volume of transactions are indicated below. Our dividend policy remained aligned with our principle to distribute the bulk of our Free Cash Flow excluding any investments. It must be noted that:. Ναυπακτιακός Αστέρας.

Αναγέννηση Άρτας. ΠΑΣ Πρέβεζα. ΑΟ Ανατολής. ΑΕ Λευκίμμης. Απόλλων Ευπαλίου. Σούλι Παραμυθιάς. Αχέρων Καναλακίου. Αστέρας Ιτέας. ΑΕ Μεσολογγίου.

Μακεδονικός Φούφα. ΑΕ Μοσχάτου. Άγιος Ιερόθεος. Εθνικός Πειραιώς. Ερμής Κορυδαλλού. Αήττητος Σπάτων. ΑΟ Υπάτου. Νέα Αρτάκη. ΑΕΚ Τρίπολης. Θύελλα Ραφήνας. ΠΑΣ Κιθαίρων. Αστέρας Βλαχιώτη. Θύελλα Πατρών. Διαγόρας Βραχνέικων. Ναύπλιο Ολυμπιακός Ζαχάρως. Παμβουπρασιακός Βάρδας.

ΑΟ Διαβολιτσίου. ΑΟ Αγίου Νικολάου. Κλαμπ Μπιζερτίν. Στάντ Τυνισιέν. ΕΣ Σαχέλ. Χόλσταϊν Κίελ ΙΙ. HSC Αννόβερο.

Σβαρτς Βάις Ρέντεν. MSV Ντούισμπουργκ. Απόλλων Πόντου. Αλ Τανταμόν. Ρίτσαρντς Μπέι. Άγιαξ Κέιπ Τάουν. Αούστρια Βιέννης. Σβαρόφσκι Βάτενς. Σταντάρ Λιέγης. Βικτόρια Πλζεν. Βιλ Μετς Γ. Μονπελιέ Γ. Παρί Γ. Παρί Σεν Ζερμέν Γ.

Φορτούνα Εμφού. Κότον Σπορτ Ντε Γκαρουά. Στάντ Ρενάρντ. Έντινγκ Σπορτ. Ντράγκον Γιάουντε. Ουμς Ντε Λουμ. PWD Μπαμέντα. Αβιόν Ενκάμ. Μπέρμιγχαμ Σίτι Γ. Μάντσεστερ Γιουνάιτεντ Γ.

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